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Insurance partner

Insurance partner

Young Travel Foreign Health Insurance

Welcome to Germany: Young Travel Foreign Health Insurance offers inexpensive health cover for young travellers

from  € 1,19  per day

for foreign visitors aged under 35
(price list, PDF)

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  • Health insurance and peace of mind for young visitors

    Rated as the top performer in a test by the German consumer body Stiftung Warentest

    If you’re a young foreign visitor aged under 35, this health insurance package offers you the security you need during your stay in Germany. If you need medical help while you’re here, this package will make sure you don’t face a big bill for treatment. There are other advantages, too:


    No excess


    Return transport to your home country if medically advisable and sensible


    Rated as the top performer in a test by the German consumer body Stiftung Warentest


    Renewable for up to 5 years


    You can take out the insurance cover up to 31 days after your arrival in Germany

    See all benefits and conditions
  • Young Travel Foreign Health Insurance

      Tariff BASIS Tariff PREMIUM
    Product information
    Download (PDF)
    Download (PDF)
    Costs of out-patient treatment according to the German physicians' and dentists' scale of fees (GOÄ / GÖZ) In accordance with item no. 437 and section M (laboratory costs)
    1.15 times 1.15 times
    In accordance with sections A, E and O (technical performance)
    1.8 times 1.8 times
    For all other GOÄ charges
    2.3 times 2.3 times
    Pain management dental treatment (according to the respective scale of fees for dentists in Germany), per insurance year
    up to € 250
    Medication and dressings
    80 % 100 %
    Radiation treatment, light therapy and other forms of physical treatment
    Medically prescribed massages, medical packs, inhalation treatment and medical exercises
    Accident-related costs for prescribed medical supplies
    X-ray diagnosis
    Urgent in-patient treatment under standard medical care (multiple bedded room excluding private and semi-private treatments)
    Medical check-ups (after a waiting period of 6 months ) per year
    up to € 200
    Restoration of the function of the dental prosthesis at 50% per insurance year up to
    € 500 € 2,000
    Dental prosthesis at 50 % (after a waiting period of 6 months)
    up to € 2,000
    Accident-related dental prosthesis per insurance year
    € 500 € 2,000
    Pregnancy examinations and treatment
    Pregnancy examinations incl. examination and treatment by midwife
    up to € 250 100 %
    after a waiting period of 8 months
    100 % 100 %
    Insurance cover for premature birth
    100 % 100 %
    Transport by ambulance for in-patient treatment
    Medically necessary and prescribed patient-return transportation
    Costs for the transportation of a companion in the event of patient-return transportation
    Transfer costs to home country or funeral expenses abroad
    up to € 20.000
    Hospital visit - minimum period for hospital stays of more than 14 days
    up to 1.000 €
    We will continue to cover your medical costs, until your transportation to your home country is possible (up to 3 months)
    Non-life Insurances Incoming
    Tariff KOMPAKT Tariff KOMFORT
    Travel Liability Insurance
    Liability insurance endangerment of daily life
    € 1 Mio. € 2.5 Mio.
    Insurance claims for damages in/to items in rented property per event up to
    € 10,000 € 25,000
    Deportation costs up to
    € 1,000 € 5,000
    Loss of keys
    up to € 250
    none (except for lease damage and key loss) none (except for lease damage and key loss)
    Travel Accident Insurance
    Invalidity benefit (progression in the event of complete invalidity 350%) up to
    € 20,000 € 40,000
    Insurance sum in the event of death
    € 10,000 € 20,000
    Rescue and recovery costs
    up to € 5,000
    Plastic surgeries
    up to € 5,000
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  • You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Young Travel Foreign Health Insurance below.

    Who's insured?

    Who's eligible for the cover?

    Young Travel Foreign Health Insurance is suitable if you’re an au pair, still at school, a language student, a university student, on a scholarship, a PhD student or on a work and travel programme and you’re staying in Germany. The package is restricted to those under 35.

    Taking out insurance:

    I'm over 35. Which insurance policy is right for me?

    HanseMerkur offers an inexpensive alternative: Health Insurance for Foreign Visitors Staying up to 5 Years.

    Claims and excess:

    What should I do if I need to claim?

    If something happens so that you need to claim on your health insurance, please try to keep injury or illness to a minimum and avoid doing anything that could increase costs unnecessarily. Please contact the insurer as quickly as possible and fill in the claim report form completely and truthfully. The insurers will get in touch with you if they need more information than on the form.


    Will I have to pay any excess charges?

    No, there's no excess.


    What benefits does the insurance cover?

    Your Young Travel Foreign Health Insurance covers the costs of inpatient hospital treatment and of medicines and dressings prescribed by a doctor.

    It also covers the costs of medical appliances needed as a result of an accident, premature births abroad, treatment of your newborn baby and medically advisable ambulance services (to the closest hospital, your accommodation or, if necessary and reasonable, back to your home country).

    Other costs covered include a range of dental treatment, medically prescribed massage and physiotherapy, and repatriation and funeral expenses.

    If it becomes clear that your hospital stay will last longer than 14 days, and if you wish, the insurer will organise travel by someone close to you to the place where you are in hospital and back home again and will cover the transport costs for the journey both ways. This is conditional on your still being in hospital when the person close to you arrives.

    Overview of prices:

    How much does Young Travel Foreign Health Insurance cost?

    You can find an overview of prices here.

    Insurance partner:

    Who's the insurance partner? offers selected products from HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG. The travel and health insurance packages have regularly won awards from the consumer body Stiftung Warentest.

    Getting in touch with HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung:

    Who can help me if I've got further questions about the insurance?

    Send an e-mail or ring the following service hotline. One of HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung's expert staff will be happy to help.


    Service hotline:
    +49 (0)40 4119-1919
    (opening hours: Monday to Friday – 8 am to 6 pm)

Young Travel Foreign Health Insurance

from   € 1,19   per day

for foreign visitors aged under 35
(price list, PDF) Book now